Actuary Today 2018 - [Visualize The Unforeseen]

       Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Actuarial Science Society is delighted to host its biannual Actuary Today Event this year! 

       Actuary Today is a mega-scaled event held by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) for a number of years. Although having its name changed previously to Actuary Tomorrow in 2016, ‘Actuary Today’ is making its comeback in 2018. This revision of name hopefully brings a vision to its participants on how actuarial knowledge has been developed thus-far and will continue its progress into the future. It aspires to let the public understand the evolution of actuarial science, and how it can be applied to benefit everyone. With the knowledge of actuaries, we can discover our potential and risks, hence taking imperative steps to ascertain our future financially.

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More About Our Event

There are three main components, namely the Actuarial Challenge, Exposition, and Conference. The core objective of this event is to expose and widen the scope of understanding and knowledge of participants about the world of actuaries. This is in terms of understanding the theory behind this particular field of discipline as well as understanding the real-world application of it, in the job field. Moreover, talks hosted by qualified professionals aim to enhance undergraduates’ set of skills thereby boosting their self-esteem in this career. To achieve our ambitions,we will invite students from high schools, pre-university and undergraduates from local and private universities to participate in this meaningful event.