Actuarial Exposition

An Exposition that gives tons of information through interesting ways on the field of Actuary and Actuarial Science in our world.
The Actuarial Exposition is the perfect platform for anyone who is in the midst of exploring Actuarial Science to escape from a cloud of question marks.
There will be 4 major components in the exposition where everyone can join and guess what, IT IS TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. Our exposition will be held from 7th June 2018 to  10th June 2018 at UTAR Sungai Long Campus KA Block from 9am to 5pm. Feel free to join and explore for more in our exposition to know more about Actuarial Science in a more detailed manner. 

History Of Actuarial Science

Helps to understand more about the Origin of Actuarial Science and the potential in studying Actuarial Science.

Basic Knowledge of Actuarial Science

Simple, creative and interesting activities that explain 5 different basic subjects in the course of Actuarial Science.

Job Prospect and Diversification

Enclose exclusive information of the job prospect of an Actuary and shows the diversification of job fields with range of salaries.

Latest updates on External Examination

Provides a big picture on different paths to become an qualified Actuary with exam fees, schedule and restrictions for each exams.

Career Fair

Meet companies that recruite employees, receive resumes, hiring, and at the same time provide an opportunity for participants to have consultations.

Detailed Analysis of Universities

Introducing different universities that offer Actuarial Science with detailed explanation on the duration, fees and the exemption of professional papers.

Actuarial Science Association

Acquire a golden opportunity to meet with association's members and have a consultation session with them.

Jokes on Actuary

A section to give your mind a break and relax by reading some jokes that are related to Actuarial Science.

Games Section

Some hands-on game section with lots of fun at the same time simulates some parts of knowledge needed in the Actuary field.

*** All activities are subject to changes.    
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